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Loving Tribute

In this life there are some people that leave an indelible mark on your spirit & consciousness....

R.I.P. Crystal M. White        

Descension: February 23, 1978 ~  Ascension: May 28, 2022


Every friendship has a story, and we have ours......

C is for the Creative force that always glowed

R is for the Realness that U always showed

Y is for Young...which U will forever be

S is for the Strength I saw in U and U saw in Me

T is for the wrinkle in Time that brought us together

A is for how we will Always BE... forever

L is for LUCKY & oh how am I...for U now stay with me by Stars... Wind... & Sky

                                                                 Fly! Butterfly, Fly!

On Apr 30, 2022, at 6:54 AM, Crystal M. White <> wrote:

 Sorry it took me years to write from the heart. 

I can and I will do better for an amazing woman! So proud of YOU!



At one point in my life, I was totally frustrated I didn’t reach my goals in my personal life nor my career. I discovered I spent most of my time supporting and loving the people around me far more than I did for myself. It was a conflicting, painful time. I was helping others and absolutely neglecting myself. It’s so hard to make changes when you are consumed with sadness and exhaustion. I was simply too tired to dig deep and find out how to start living for me. God was listening and he sent my Shae. Through her unique beautiful essence, of compassion, honesty, and wisdom, Shae guided me to the path I wanted to be on. Shae helped me see my behavior in a different light, we clarified my goals, and identified the obstacles. Once I implemented her strategies to overcome each obstacle, I felt like a new and improved version of myself. Shae gave me the tools to navigate life so much better, while doing it in a way that works just for me. Her constant positive energy, calm yet joyful presence made me feel safe to pour my heart out. Shae is exceptionally good at sharing her gifts with hurt souls. I don’t know who I would be today if it were not for her. I’m beyond grateful the universe blessed me with the lovely Shae Jones as she is so much more than a life coach.


Crystal M. White


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